Saturday, 15 October 2011

The Right 'Spirit'

Based on an idea by Tushar Kathuria (Tuffy)

He woke up to a rather serene Monday morning. Perhaps knowing the fact that he has to resign today. He was rather upset with his 9-6 job and wanted to do something he would get satisfaction with. Money never mattered for him. Tuffy Singh had the best of friends and loved spending time with them. That kept him so busy that he never had time for a girlfriend. He never wanted one. Tuffy was an occasional drinker. He used to go out with his friends to a pub probably to vent out his frustration at work. He sat on the lounge sipping his beer and munching the chips.

He had been to ‘The Spirits’ with his office friends yesterday on a chilled Sunday evening. Kinjal was also a part of those friends. He knew she had a crush on him but he never showed any kind of attraction from his side. He just sat on his seat and watch all of them dance. He was a terrible dancer. The only thing he could do was head banging but the pub never played rock. Kinjal came and sat next to Tuffy, totally sloshed and rested her head on his shoulder, he slid towards the end of the couch and in a rather geometric way her head fell onto his slap. “I want go to the washroom,” she said in a sleepy tone.

“I know you are drunk but I am not the security guard of this place hence do not have the keys. It’s open. You may go.”

He had seen a number of girls running towards the washroom with their hands covering their mouths with the sole intention of puking.

“Dude I’m drunk, can’t walk till there without support?”

Tuffy accompanied her till the washroom and waited outside. She didn’t come out for 15 minutes. He called out for her.

“Dude you may come in, there’s no one here.”
Tuffy was taken aback. He said he’ll wait and requested her to speed up the process.
She came outside. Put her hands around his neck and they walked towards the couch.

“I like you, Tuffy.”
“Thank You,” he replied. Totally understanding the fact of what kind of a likeness was that.

Monday blues striked back. He just thought about yesterday’s non-sensical party. Tuffy always wanted to open an NGO. He was associated with CRY for a really long time. He always believed in the fact that sponsoring a child is way better than purchasing make up for one’s girlfriend.
Tuffy mailed his resignation. After an hour long discussion with his manager and the HR to retain him, he still quit. Achieving his dreams was of prime importance for him than melting down to the pleas of his manager. He started volunteering for CRY. He wasn’t paid much but his efforts were recognized. He started to analyse the functioning of an NGO.

After 2 years time he opened an NGO. He was just 27 and invested a lot of money and time into it. It started showing results. He never thought of expanding it. He never accepted help from the government but did accept the same from well wishers and people who were genuinely interested. His NGO just catered to orphans, destitute, the kids of commercial sex workers, etc. He also opened up an alcohol and drug de-addiction centre. With the kind of financial support he got, he hired the best doctors in town. Kinjal was one of the patients who got admitted at his centre for alcohol de-addiction.

While all his friends were partying, Tuffy enjoyed the company of the kids. He quit his job and kept his life aside for the welfare of the kids.

The only reason why we donate is probably to get a tax exemption with the 80G form. No other intention. No one has to keep their life aside for someone else but donate with a positive mentality with the right spirit. Think about the children out in the streets wearing clothes which you do not even use as rags at your home. Think about the food you waste daily which isn’t a week of their consumption. Think.

When u want an 80G exemption, a child out their doesn’t know to count or to start an A to reach a G.

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