Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Bloody Tasty

The Ancestral Damage 2

Youth for Equality-Say NO To Reservations
Panic galored throughout the neighborhood when Tantra cut her wrist after she missed out on getting a seat in one of the IIM’s by a whisker. Blood flowing out. She lived with her room mates and was rather in a silent mode after the results were declared. Roy being her next door neighbor and one of her best friends rushed her to the hospital. He wasn’t sad but rather disturbed with Tantra’s sudden move. He knew the way she toiled to pass out of the IIT, Powai with flying colours. All close to her believed that Tantra getting into the IIM was a rather easy task. She didn’t. 

Her friends were in more of a shock than her when the results were declared. Merit got blasted once again. Thanks to the great Arjun Singh who had done the damage before he relocated to hell. Tantra had to sacrifice her seat for people who scored less than half of what she did.  Tantra belonged to the not much hyped about Open Category. She hasn’t even heard about her ancestors making the backward class suffer. Out of the money her dad sends her every month from Kerala, she saved some to sponsor a child without interested in knowing the caste of the kid. She isn’t interested in that because she belongs to that youth brigade who wants nothing but secularism in India.

The wait was over for Roy and Tantra’s roommates. Tantra was fine. She opened her eyes to have a sneak peak of how heaven looked like. She realized the fact that she’ll live to give the next CAT and make it to the IIM. A knife was no one to decide her fate. She lived and got through the IIM. She dreams of setting up an NGO for the deprived. Caste is something which never creeps into her mind. 

Once she came back from the hospital she did the most stupid thing. She downloaded an HD wallpaper of Arjun Singh, scanned it and framed it. Came out of the building and burnt it. That gave her a lot of relief. The kind of relief which brought a smile on everyone’s face. “That bastard just died again, that bastard who deprived me of a seat, that bastard who thought caste based education is more important than merit based. Rot in hell you bastard,” Tantra yelled.

“Let’s go for a bite guys. Bloody hungry,” Tantra was over it. She gave her fitting reply to the dead old man. She promised would never commit suicide again. Roy told, "the next time u feel like cutting yourself, cut a portion of your flesh. Let the blood ooze out and then drink it."

Because blood is bloody tasty.

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