Sunday, 18 September 2011

The Smoky Couple

He didn’t budge. It was for his own good. I tried to convince him by stating the fact that he has a girlfriend whom he loves endlessly. The sad part is that even she smokes. Tuffy Singh used to smoke up two boxes of cigarettes every day. 40 cigarettes. I wondered. His partner Kinjal stuffed up five of those.

Together they were called the Smoky couple.  They surely loved that name. Smoking was a style statement for him. Tuffy was 24 while Kinjal was 23. He started smoking when he was 17 and she started when he fell in love with him. Poetic isn’t it? We’ve heard people quitting alcohol, pubbing or even smoking when they finally fall in love with someone. Here, it was the other way round. I really didn’t know who Kinjal was but I really cared about Tuffy.

Look at the impact. 280 cigarettes a week and 2100 of those in a month. He is sure to have a long life. Tuffy always wanted to quit but he couldn’t. He didn’t want to go into rehab. He showed a genuine interest to quit smoking. I knew the damage was already done but if possible both of us can cease the extent of the damage.
I told him, “Kinjal is your destiny, you guys rise and set in smokes, don’t you guys want to see yourselves clearly, don’t you want to wake up to see tomorrow’s sunshine.” He nodded. “Dude you’ll die and seeing you die she’ll quit smoking and settle down with a person who doesn’t have such habits. Well atleast your death will help someone quit nicotine. And don’t worry I’ll cry for you and will surely be happy for Kinjal.” He stayed still. I knew he was going through the mode of self-realization. “Look Roy, it ain’t  so simple. It’s something I’m used to.” I had the answer for that.

“Then why did you leave Patna. You were used to staying with your parents right. You wanted a better life, hence came to Pune. Do you want to sacrifice that better life of yours by smoking up and stunting the remainder of your life? Tuffy just think, why has God placed your head right on the top and not anywhere else in the body. Think and try to make some sense.”

“I quit.”

How simple was that? I never thought it would be so simple. Although it involved a lot of homework, going through a lot of websites, emotional blackmail and the likes.

Kinjal was the happiest. She never tried to help Tuffy but she quit smoking too.

Just like Roy you can make an impact on your friend’s life. Speak. Share. Make sense. Tuffy never smoked again. He is now living life the way it should be lived. Smoke free.

They are still called the Smoky Couple. Now it’s just because of the smoke emitted out from Tuffy’s vintage Yamaha.


  1. Short and sweet.. can be re written as a full story starting with more detailing of characters and putting a spice of some conditions before they fall in love with each other... I don't want to criticize but just felt that I wanted to read more..:)

  2. He started smoking when he was 17 and she started when he fell in love with him." revise this sentence for me.Anywyz its ok ok kind and if only people quitting smoking was that easy all the smoke companies would be in debt.

  3. hey gokul gr8 job....just a smal mistak in the sentence "and she started when he fell in love with him" should hav been "her"....othrwis well said...short n nice...

  4. its gud to sme extent with the share n speak part....but a little more detailing of emotions wud give a greater impact!!!

  5. bro its not so easy to quit bad habits especially smoking...believe me...but i liked the msg which u wanna convey..great!!!!