Sunday, 25 September 2011

To Infinity 2

Living all alone had taken a toll on her. She left for work at 9am and reached home at 6pm. Her parents were in Vizag. She came to Pune to achieve her dream of working in a media company. She wasn’t alone 6 months back. She had a boyfriend. He died. Mukfiya still believed that his spirit lived in the house. She went into depression but music brought her back. She had witnessed his death right in front of her eyes. The image of him looking at her and crossing the road and hit by a speeding truck is one of the dumbest climaxes for a love story.

He died on the spot. She fainted, which was pretty obvious. She didn’t go to work for 2 months. The sheer fact that the landlord would throw her out if she delays paying the rent forced her to join back. She just dragged herself and always stopped when an Ashok Leyland crossed. She couldn’t believe the fact that she was doing such things considering the practical girl she was. She was 24. He died 22. Her life had become too boring. She never lived such a lonely life. music was the only drug for her but she couldn’t speak with it. She sometimes went into a dual personality mode and indulge in a conversation.

Exactly after 6 months she went into CCD. She sat at the same place they used to sit. She found someone new there. She couldn’t recognise who he was but he had a certain charm to his face. She didn’t want to approach him. She had a Kappi Nirvana and left. She went back to CCD the next weekend. She again found him. She went and sat opposite him and kept looking at him. She didn’t know what to speak. She had absolutely no idea what she was doing.

Life was back on track for Mukfiya. Her job was going great guns, music befriended her in the solitary life she had and the recurring visits to CCD to meet him completed her life nowadays. She knew Roy was seeing everything.

She kept staring at her new man in CCD. She knew the only person who could see him was her. He was God. God had come down to love Mukfiya. He knew that she still loved in the company of Roy’s spirits and had a pure heart.  Mukfiya started receiving God’s love. She stared at the invisible spirit everytime she was in CCD. 
She started loving the immortal. Unlike Roy she knew that God would never die. God would always be there till she dies and probably even after that.  Mukfiya fell in love all over again. This time with someone who would last a lifetime. For her love is immortal.

Well she fell in love with someone who is immortal.