Saturday, 10 September 2011

The Missed Lullaby

And that was a quick turn he took. He had just jumped a signal. He was too happy to go home as it he had a new story on mind and wanted to jot it as soon as possible on his laptop. Roy was speeding home. He knew how much ever he accelerated his 125cc superbike won’t go past 70kmph. He shut the glass of his helmet as the breeze hitting his face might actually put him off to sleep. The wind was the perfect lullaby for him.

Roy was also kind of superstitious. He didn’t want his thoughts to venture out of his head by keeping the glass of his helmet open. Roy started writing the book in January 2011 and wanted a perfect climax for the book. The thoughts he had, wasn’t for the climax but instead was for a story which would have a solid connection with the climax. He finally was almost done with the book. The road just seemed to lengthen on its own the moment he accelerated. Home still seemed far away.

He slowed down. He tried editing the story he had in his mind to better. Roy prepared an edited version and started comparing. He accelerated to take his bike past the flyover. And now came the slope. It was 1 am and the road was empty. He closed his eyes and rode down the slope. He could see himself typing away his mind on the laptop. Roy had a smile on his face. He slowly opened his eyes and quickly tucked up the glass as the cars going past the opposite direction were flashing through his helmet and blurring his view.

He pulled the glass down.

The speeding cars blinding his view weren’t a big deal for him. He was used to it.


The ear phones he pierced into his ears started ringing. Probably his mom. His ringtone was a vintage heavy metal song. He never listened to music while travelling because the only thing he loved while riding was thinking. He loved the way thoughts would enter his mind. He loved playing with them.
A pass light flashed across from the opposite direction. This one was the very dangerous neon flashlight. It just bolted through the glass and into his eyes. He lost control. He went and rammed into a tree and fell down. The bike was zooming on 65kmph. The speed had done the damage. Roy died.

The car sensed the damage. It took a U-turn. The car pulled near the spot. Gilbert stepped out. He was shocked. His best friend Roy lay on the road. He didn’t cry. He sat. Just sat and looked at his friend. No tears. He stood on his knees and immersed his hand into the pool of blood. He killed his friend. He went near Roy. He removed his helmet. The glasses were closed. Roy’s head split wide open because the helmet had rammed into the tree. Gilbert gave the perfect farewell for his friend.

Just a while ago all the thoughts were safely locked inside the helmet. He sent the thoughts with Roy’s soul.

Gilbert started crying probably realizing the fact that he had taken Roy to purchase the neon flashlights for the car.

Roy missed the lullaby. He missed nature’s farewell. But his thoughts had the power to split open his head and travel with him, up above the sky.