Sunday, 9 October 2011

D(r)ug His Own Grave

                                  Based on a true Story

“Woah,” Tuffy yelled out after drinking his wine. He had added 3 drops of LSD (Lysergic acid diethylamide) into his red wine which Roy gifted him while he came back from Goa. Tuffy was 26 years old. He started smoking when he was 18. He learnt it from his neighbor who used to smoke bidis. The complex he had in him forced him to smoke cigarettes.

He literally felt heaven on earth when he made smoking a habit and that went on for 2 years till he met his Ganja smoking friend whilst working in a software giant. He hated the smell but he said it gave him a feeling of a naked headless chicken free from all the tensions of the world. Roy was taken aback by witnessing the confessions of his drugaholic friend. All this came out after Tuffy uttered the WOAH word post the LSD effect.

He never tried to quit. He cut all relations with his parents, never had a girlfriend, never had money problems. Roy thought. Cigarette smoking was still fine because that doesn’t take a toll on the human brain. Tuffy started smoking up ganja for fun but in like two months he was caught smoking up in the company premises and got himself terminated. He was addicted. The seller had a scapegoat in the form of Tuffy. He was charged 700/- for 50 gms as against the market price of 300/-. He was rendered helpless. Roy tried his level best to get Tuffy out of this but to no avail. He used to smoke up 7 ganja filled cigarettes a day. He was aware of the stink hence made sure to take a bath whenever he had to sneak out.

He was never impressed by nicotine or cocaine. Tuffy also lost the company of Roy. Tuffy became a loner. He never cared of giving an interview. He had the savings. He had the drugs.

He met LSD. The most lethal one. He befriended Roy again and persuaded him to get wines from Goa. Tuffy had apparently learned from a friend that the effect of LSD knew no bounds when mixed with wine. Roy was helpless. Tuffy turned into a psycho. His savings came down to a mere 3500/- He used to purchase 10 ml for an amount he never disclosed to Roy, gulp it down with wine and hit the hay. Food was secondary for him. He claimed it gave him a God like feeling. The more he wanted to have the God like feeling, the more close he was to dying a dog’s death. Although he owned the house, he had started selling the electronic items and furniture to have his quota of LCD laced wine. Tuffy was running out of money.

He was admitted to a mental hospital. Roy called up Tuffy’s parents. Probably that was the best he could do for his friend. Tuffy died. All of 26 years. He lived up to the expectations of his death as well because he was reduced to the width of a cigarette butt. For being such a horrible friend Roy should have rolled up Tuffy with ganja and smoke him up.

His parents had a rather mild reaction probably because their son had dug his own grave.

Tuffy started it just for fun. From cigarettes to ganja to LSD and finally till a dog’s death.

Drugs might make you feel like God. But that’s the negative side of God. Well probably you are God because you choose your own death. Die like a normal human being.

Let God choose how you should die and not drugs.

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