Friday, 23 September 2011


“Every 54 minutes a girl is raped in India.” Tuffy was taken aback by that piece of information run on a news channel. It was 08/03/2010. International Women’s Day and this is what a national news channel was discussing. Thoughts flashed through Tuffy’s mind. He thought about Kiran Mazumdar Shaw, Indra Nooyi and the various other Indian females who have made their mark in the international circuits.

And the first thing discussed is Rapes & The Indian Women. Tuffy wasn’t a flirt. He respected the Indian women. He has a group of friends who refers to a female as an item or a chick or a bitch and the likes. He warns them and ensures that they don’t use such words in the future. It’s not just Tuffy’s friends but those are the words which come out of a guy’s mouth. Reciprocate. He has a mother, a sister, a female friend and he wouldn’t mind knocking down someone if they were ill treated or bad mouthed.

When it comes to rapes no one is spared. Right from a 6 month old girl to a 60 year old woman. There is no partiality or self control. That’s just one thing which happens. Well the person going out of control should realize the fact that his mother or sister or daughter belong to the same gender. Probably that might be one time he detaches himself from all personal relations.

Probably that’s why Tuffy couldn’t complete reading Child Sex Abuse in India. A book solely based on child molestation and rapes. Every word in the book comes as a pictorial warning. Tuffy wondered if a girl is raped every 54 minutes in India, where are all these cases buried or probably not even one of them is actually reported or again probably the news hungry channels feel it isn’t a TRP topper.

To make this post a little more bloodier, remember the Godhra riots. When people from a specific category raped women from a specific category. Here comes the rest. The pregnant women were raped as well and then their stomachs were slit open, the foetus removed and destroyed. Those men still live a happy life with their wives. So this is the country which banishes an artiste after he paints a Hindu Goddess naked while nothing happens after the real Indian women is raped and killed on the streets.

Often family dignity and honour refrains a girl from reporting the incident to the police. This is where Mukhtar Mai needs to be remembered. The illiterate Pakistani women who got legally gang raped under the rules of a backward Pakistani village. Her brother eloped with a girl from an upper caste hence the village decided that the men from the upper caste would rape his sister, Mukhtar. She was raped. She had the guts to complain against them. Those people are behind bars.

So if an illiterate woman can do the impossible, it’s time for the women in a democratic and a secular country to wake up and report such things. And moreover the police to change their outlook. And more importantly for the males to have some kind of self control. If you have a sister, a mother, a daughter then respect the Indian Women. If you worship her on Dassera, on Mother Mary’s Birthday then let’s give them the respect they need.

She is a doctor, an engineer, a DJ, a bartender, a pilot, an astronaut, a cricketer, etc. She is snatching away all of your jobs. Instead of just watching lets go and compete with her.


  1. i have heard alll your stories like 10000000000000000000 times so am bored reading them

  2. a bit harsh but bluntly true, i had the opportunity to visit gujarat once and had travelled through the riot torn areas. it was fucking bloody. with female godesses in india couldnt digest the fact that this can be done to a real female. i do have immense respect for the indian women with a ratehr strikingly mind blowing beauty and brainy enough to head organisations. good going back punch.