Thursday, 31 May 2012

{[ ]}

                                        The Preview

{[ ]}
All he could see was his father lying in a pool of blood. His mom had died as soon as he came out of her womb. He always thought he was sinned or probably the devil has sent him to finish off the good people.

His dad was killed for reasons only the God knows. His dad had been out for a smoke and the next he heard were the screams of his dad.

[] ran out to find his dad's stomach, slit open. It was 12am. His dad kept telling him that he was involved with the wrong people and his life was in danger. [] understood nothing of that. He squatted next to his dead father who lay in a pool of blood.

He cried like a 5 year old.  He peeked into the open stomach. He had seen his dad's killers.

He was in fact a 5 year old. What could a 5 year old [] possibly have done. Just cry.

A five year old from Dharavi had the misfortune of seeing the internal organs of his dad.

He grew up with vengeance.

The mystery unfolds.


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