Sunday, 8 April 2012

Happy Birthday

 It was finally her birthday. New clothes are what every girl would want but she wasn’t interested in anything of that sort. She turned 26. Tantra cherished this moment. Successful, happy and faraway from the cliché boundaries of feminine penchants. Birthdays for her wasn’t a day to donate to the neighbouring charity.

She anyway did that every month. It wasn’t spending time with her friends and wear a cake all over her face. It wasn’t giving them a booze party as well. It wasn’t waiting for the gifts she would receive from them. It wasn’t a day to logon to Facebook and count the wishes she received and reply to all of that.

For her a birthday is spending time with her parents and thank them for bringing her into this world. She just spends the entire time with them at home on this day. For her if it wasn’t for them she wouldn’t have got those friends. Tantra never purchased new clothes on her birthday. She sat home and cooked all by herself on the day.

Tantra stood in her balcony and just stared out. A slide show of her 26 years as Tantra breezed past her eyes. She smiled and kept smiling even broadly. Her friends never agreed with the logic she had with regards to not celebrating her birthday. She managed to keep all of them at bay.

The reason why Tantra doesn’t but new clothes for her birthday is just because she knows there are a million kids walking nanga on the streets this very moment. She doesn’t go out to eat on her birthday  just because she is aware of the fact that a kid out there hasn’t had a morsel for over a week. The kid might have filled its tummy with just tap water.

And finally millions of kids don’t even know who their parents are; forget about the day they were born. Tantra can atleast point out and show that these are her parents. On the wall. Her parents photos. A garland clinging on each of the frames.


  1. just a random surfer, but what an extraordinary ending, hope you write some kind of a book with such stories, it will work wonders, all the best nairgokul and keep creating such amazing stories.

  2. Thank You Anonymous.
    Stay Blessed.