Friday, 24 February 2012

The Ride Continues....

With the spark she always had, she stood there. She stood there alone looking at the mess all around. All of her friends were burning. She was spared probably because she wasn’t as good looking as them.

Elections were just over. The ruling party lost. Hours after the results were announced the goons from the ruling party ran riot. They spread across in groups and started burning vehicles. The goons had got information that the entire residents from one particular building had voted against them. They entered the building and set afire all the vehicles. They spared Cassiopeia’s cycle. She stood there alone witnessing her friends being burnt. Roy’s bike, Tantra’s scooterette, Tuffy’s bullet were all burnt. She lost all her friends. She realized the fact that the goons found no value in her. She just felt her limbs were cut off and the goons had rendered her handicapped.

If she could move, she would have jumped into the flames and gone forever with her friends but she didn’t want to leave Cassiopeia. Cassiopeia never treated her like a cycle but looked upon her as a friend. She used to ride her in this age of bikes, cars, etc. even when curious onlookers gave a meaningless glance. That encouraged Cassiopeia ride, with her head held high. Cassiopeia was an active member of Greenheart. She was concerned about the environment. She used to motivate her friends to ride cycles and fight against global warming. All of her pleas fell on deaf ears.

Cassiopeia looked outside the balcony to find her cycle stand there all alone with her friends gone. Gone forever.

She was looking at Roy’s bike burn. In the rains, the sun, day or night, both of them stood together. She lost the perfect friend. Perhaps he didn’t want to leave her without a final goodbye. Whilst burning, a metal rod flew apart and hit her, she fell down. The final goodbye was worth the fall.

This story ends without an ending perhaps because Cassiopeia still rides the cycle to fight global warming or because the goons from any losing party always run riot….

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