Sunday, 19 February 2012

The Bombay Diaries

The Drive

For a more clearer view, she went ahead and stared. She stared. She looked deep into the blue sea. She stood on the cemented railing constructed around Marine Drive. Tantra had just heard about this place. She had been to the Kochi Marine Drive, which was obviously much more cleaner. But she was more attracted to this place.

She took a cab from CST. Her head was outside the window as soon as she came in contact with the sea. Foreigners sticking up every shot of the Drive up their SLR, couples locking lips in full public view, beggars, peanut vendors and the Mumbaikars for whom this place is just any other road. That’s what Tantra thought. The Mumbaikar too, looked towards the sea and then, walked with a smile.

Tantra was totally amazed by the sight. She got off the taxi, crossed the road and stood on the railing. She looked downwards. The human-made rocks. Specially made to cease the tides from coming onto the road. Tantra was shocked to see the paan stains, the gutkha packets scattered all over the rocks.

What a shame!

She thought. How could people make a garbage bin of such a wonderful place? Well she had seen dirtier places but the sheer fact that such a posh and awe-striking place had the same vintage filth.

It was 1900 hours. She thought of taking a walk down the Drive. Public display of affection was something she hated. Bang opposite the sea were residential apartments which cost upto 10-15 crores. People who have bought the house just to have the awesome view of the sea. Well, that view gets hindered by the utter sleaze fest done by the youngsters. ‘Get a room, people,’ Tantra sighed. She couldn’t walk past these people just because such couples were present every 100 metres. She looked past them.

She didn’t want any of this to spoil her day. She had been to the Kochi and the Vizag Marine Drive but this one gave her a royal feel. Probably because it belonged to India’s richest city. No wonder this city is bombed. She kept looking at the high rises and now she had to leave. She turned behind to have a final glimpse of the sea. She saw the Queen’s Necklace. The answer to her thoughts. The answer to the royal feel. Imagine the Queen has left her necklace in Bombay to make the city feel richer. Not to make it richer, just to make it ‘feel’ richer. Bombay is already rich. Her mother has pampered and help her grow.

After all its Mother India.