Friday, 5 August 2011

The Telangana Issue

 Atlast the Indian Government succumbed to K.Chandrashekhar Rao's calls for a separate Telengana state. Did the government succumb to his calls just because he is a politician? What about Irom Sharmila, the Iron Lady from Manipur, who is into the 10th year of her hunger strike demanding withdrawal of the Armed Forces Special Powers Act. 
The government never paid any attention to her just because she is a civilian or rather a social activist without any corporate support.Now when a politician goes on a hunger strike, with the sole intenton of dividing the country, the central government almost readily agrees to his demands when his hunger strike enters the 11th day. 
It would not take much long for the politicians of Gorkhaland, Bodoland or Vidarbha to come forward and demand statehood for those regions. If the government accepts KCR's demands it would be like knowingly opening a can of worms and inviting trouble. Hope the Government would spare some time to listen to Irom Sharmila' demands.

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