Friday, 5 August 2011

Naxalism & Arundhati Roy

Naxalism is something which didnt erupt in a day, it came up in 1967. All the people tagged maoists are tribals who have taken up arms just to safeguard their lands, their only livelihood. the condition is appalling. As pointedout in her book, if i remember the stats correctly,16000 tribals were branded maoists and thrown into jails jus cos theydid not give up their lands for a mining concern in which the govt had vested interests. 

Dantewada is one such place.
The Vedanta inc has intersts in the land and the home minister is
their legal and financial adviser. Vedanta is a mining corp. the govt
has signed MoU's worth more than billions of dollars. All these are
hazardous to the environment. 

Arundhati Roy and other activists have constantly
been telling this. To wipe off the maoists a congress MLA formed the
salwa judum 2 yrs back. But today the number of maoists have increased
3 times. Who is to blame? The govt's negligence towards the tribals.
India has the highest population of tribals  in the world and yet the
govt cant do anything for them. What a shame????? None of the media
houses went to Dantewada, 
Arundhati Roy as the 1st person to go there. Its the
job of a journalist to visit such places and not of a writer. After
the massacre every journo goes there  and run exclusive shows on TV.
The sad story is that the rich become richer and the poor even more
poor. When the nagarjuna sagar dam was commissioned in 1960(i
believe), the people who lost lost their land to the dam were not
given any kind of compensation. They cudnt support their livelihood. U
wont believe, parents were forced to sell their kids for
subsistence. The aam janta say so what we are getting water, what abt
the houses these poor ppl gave up with the hope of receiving sum
compensation and end up getting nothing. Just like Arundhati Roy says, at this
point when ppl call us anti-indian its the end of imagination of those
ppl. This woman thru her books has lambasted all such gruesome
activities of the govt. I still believ the narmada dam was  a mistake.
10 rs as compensation!!!!!!!!!!!! Ridiculous!!!!!!!


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