Sunday, 19 May 2013

The Joy of Being a Pessimist

Hardly have we seen life beyond our selfish thoughts. The time we waste in pointing out the negatives in a person is immense. The positives just lay around. Alone. Being a pessimist gives us more joy than being an optimist.
Switching on the television and cruising towards a news channel rarely gives joy to Tuffy Singh. After a rather 14 hours of relentless work at office, he comes home to see a bespectacled anchor raring to go at his invitees. The invitees rarely get a chance to voice their opinions on a show titled ‘The Newshour’ but contain more fights and lesser news. He switches it off. Moving to a CNN IBN or an NDTV 24x7 won’t give him joy either. He wonders what joy these people get in just showcasing the negativities of the day. He rarely sees any form of positive news.

On a day when there is no negative news whatsoever, he doesn’t see the spectacled anchor. It’s 2215 hours, he walks into his balcony and looks up and stares into the sky. The moon is missing. Again a negative day for Indians.

He just feels that it’s an off day for the Moon.

Whenever Tuffy meets a new person he rarely rips into the negatives of the person and starts hating them. Rather he focuses on their positives and starts up a conversation on that. Even when a person cracks a joke, he doesn’t care to think if it’s a good or a bad joke. He just laughs.

The person cracking the joke feels appreciated and Tuffy heals up his heart by laughing out. However bad the person is, he finds out a reason to hang out with them.

Life is not just about spending time with the people giving you peace but also with the ones who don’t know what peace is.  Listening to pravachans and meditating won’t give anyone inner peace if they are pessimists. Be an optimist. Life’s all about being positive and spreading joy. 

Just like the cliché goes, Speak good about people and Good will happen to you.

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