Tuesday, 19 June 2012

The Locked Door 2

       A Sequel to The Locked Door 1 (http://nairgoks.blogspot.in/2011/10/closed-door-1.html)

Nihar now sits with his mom on the floor under the fan for dinner. His dad joins in as well but it’s the same even now, he hasn’t been able to open up completely to his parents. The psychiatry sessions might have cracked a major part of his silence. Seven years of his lonely life might have changed his attitude and approach towards his parents. He was always more open to his friends than his parents. 

Nihar never felt secured to open up his personal life. Perhaps being a teenager he thought some things are better, kept unsaid. He heard enough of his parents brag about the tensions and the pressures of their work lives which would sometimes change into personal glitches, especially on their children. Even silly matters which can be ignored would turn into major issues. Initially he would try to think about it but now as it was regular, he started to look past it.

The lonely life had hit him hard. His academic performance was on a downfall. The kid who used to be at the pinnacle of the ranking system until 5th grade surprisingly fell to the level of an average student. It was a shock to his parents, who thought it might affect the status quo they had in the society amongst other parents. Nihar was moderate at sports, so there was nothing that could be shown to the society to outshine their status. 

The competition amongst parents to show off their children as numero uno had been a trend, not only amongst friends and social circles, even in the family. As for him, his cousins were always good in something or the other, and whenever he visited them, he went through the constant praises of his fellow cousins. It never made a difference to him, but he did not know it was affecting his parents as their son was falling down from what he used to do best, study, leaving them with absolutely nothing to praise about him. 

Perhaps the competitive world had set its mark in the academic life of children.

Instead of investigating his problem in regards to the downfall, they only forced him to participate in different sports activities. The life of being lonely had rendered his competitive mentality, paralytic. It was as if his brain was rusting. He became inconsistent in everything. He couldn’t set his mind on anything. It made him a loser in all aspects of life. He became a reserved and a silent student in class, good amongst the teachers but not amongst the other fun loving students. He desperately wanted to come out of it but it was too late.

That’s when he started to find solace in a selected few friends. They had become a totally different world for him. He started to enjoy their presence, even though he never told them about the inner demon he was fighting.
Although he had only male friends, he never knew a girl could bring comfort into his life. He was a shy person especially towards women so never knew how to talk or be around girls. It happened in his tenth grade. She entered his already disturbing life, later known, to be the girl who changed the life of the most silent, reserved and infamous student of the class…..

P.S. To be continued.
FYI: Based on a true story. Currently the character Nihar(name changed), in real life, is partly, a successful individual, maintaining a good relationship with his parents. The posts are a look back into his disturbed life. The sender is anonymous.

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